Whilst I'm not planning on keeping such a "busy" blog as some might hope, I'm not really one for the constant stream of irrelevant junk that seem to be the selling point of many popular blogs out there. This will, however, be home to a few snippets on info, updates and general mind-wanderings of all things 24tour-related.

Cheers for looking in.

03 - Transition

I'm not too sure what this post if for, entirely. I guess it's a bit of a placeholder for what does or doesn't come next, because frankly I don't know what that will or won't be.

I've got some massive personal changes coming up and they're going to take me out of the game for a year or so which means that unless somebody else is willing to step up to the plate it's not clear whether or not the 24tour will take place in 2014. Ash Kennard, the only other person to have attended every year until this, has mentioned that he might be able to step in but given that he's an incredibly busy man himself with a lot going on outside we'll have to see if that's possible. I'm sure he wouldn't mind a helping hand if anybody is keen so please let him know if that's the case./pr>

As far as I'm concerned, I really hope that either the 24tour, or something of with a similar kind of vibe, continues on at least a semi-regular basis. Over the past 5 years this annual event has brought so many people together, including a large number of riders who would likely have never ridden together had the opportunity not have been put in front of them. I guess this means that if the roadtrip itself doesn't continue to happen then at least we're ending on a high having had a good run of it since 2009.

A HUGE thank you to absolutely everyone who's been involved with the trip over the years, no matter how large large or small your input may have been. Without you guys getting involved this could never have happened at all, much less been so successful. All the very best to each and every one of you. I'll look forward to seeing what happens next.

Peace out.

02 - Phoenix

On more than one occasion people have asked me what my big plans are for the future of the 24tour. Do I see it going global, becoming huge and known to all in the sport etc? The fact of the matter is that I've not really given that side of things much thought. Sure, it'd be cool to see a little growth and keep a strong core following but that's not really what it's all about. Read more.

01 - Why 24tour?

One thing I tend to get asked all too often seems to be "Why does the 24tour exist?" or "What's the point?" To answer this, I generally give them a few words that summarise what I had in mind a few years ago when the 24tour concept first appeared. I'll tell them about how the original intention was to bring together old and new friends, to check out some new places and to have a week of pure unadulterated win. Oh and maybe riding some bikes if we can find the time.

The trouble is, though, that not only does it not sound so sincere coming directly from me, but a lot of people simply don't seem to 'get' it. To try and fix that, I've asked a few of the 24tour guys to put down a couple of words to summarise what they think of the 24tour and what it's all about.

I've tried to get a spread of responses from different people rather than just the buys that were on board from the start so for a varied idea of what the 24tour is and why we do it, read on here.