Phoenix Riders Co. support 24tour

On more than one occasion people have asked me what my big plans are for the future of the 24tour. Do I see it going global, becoming huge and known to all in the sport etc? The fact of the matter is that I've not really given that side of things much thought. Sure, it'd be cool to see a little growth and keep a strong core following but that's not really what it's all about.

The trouble with hitting the bigtime is that the vast majority seem to strive to 'make it big' so much that they lose sight of what they set out to do in the first place, making sacrifices to please the outside world and selling out to The Man. This is the one side of things I have always wanted to remain clear on since starting the 24tour - the one thing I'm keen never to fall victim to. This trip had one main goal - to provide a fun week for all involved with a great social, old and new faces and some riding along the way - and that's something I feel is key to the success of the 24tour so has to come above all else.

I've been approached by a few people in the past looking to give some kind of support to the 24tour and although it's great to see people keen to get involved, they've not been the right fit for what it's all about so I've had to graciously decline. When Phoenix Riders Co., producers of quality clothing and supporters of the street scene recently got in touch, however, things were a little different.

For those of you that aren't aware, Phoenix Riders Co. is the brainchild of Ian Johnstone, long-serving member of the street-trials scene and all round nice chap. They are entirely rider-run and the profits of their clothing sales and demos are put aside to help support street events and projects such as Rampz skatepark in Cannock. This attitude ties in well with what the 24tour is all about and from an initial chat with Ian it was clear that he was looking to support the trip through Phoenix rather than use the 24tour to promote his own company, though as he's scratching our back it'd be rude for us not to spread the word on our travels, as well as giving the hat tip here so please, head on over to and get your hands on some sweet new threads

That's about all for now, but there should be some funky stuff coming through as part of the Phoenix involvement with this year's trip as well as bringing to the tale a few other things we've thought about before and never gotten around to. Watch this space...