Welcome to 24tour.co.uk

They say that popcorn is a good industry to be in because you buy by weight and sell by volume. Since popcorn roughly quadruples in volume when you cook it, this makes for a pretty sweet gig. It also shows that just because something starts small is no indication that it won't become somewhat larger, which is exactly what happened with the 24tour.

Coming to life in 2009 when a group of street riders felt the need to break from the inch-pinching, ego-stroking monotony of the trials scene, the 24tour has evolved into an annual trip around the country stopping at some of the biggest street spots and a handful of hidden gems along the way.

Roll on a summer of sun and a few emails later and a loose plan was in place. Throw in a few floors to sleep on and some ratty cars to make the journey across the country and the 24tour was born.

This site serves the purpose of providing a small chunk of web presence for a small collection of 24tour media and info to draw together the scraps that had previously been spread across the far reaches of the internet. It's not quite a home for it, but perhaps a treehouse at a push.

If you'd like to get in touch for any reason, please feel free to fire an email over to luke@24tour.co.uk.